Zambia has continued to record massive revenue losses – AFRODAD

13 Aug

ZAMBIA has continued to record massive losses in revenue due to the dubious manner in which mining and other sources of national revenue are being managed, AFRODAD has observed.

In an interview in Gaborone, Botswana, during a seminar on Illicit Financial Flows in Africa and their negative impact on development, African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) economic governance policy officer, Tafadzwa Chikumbu, said due to the secrecy that surrounds agreements with multinational companies on mineral extraction, Zambia was losing huge sums of money through illicit financial flows.

“Mineral extraction has placed Zambia at a very precarious situation because the bulk of illicit financial flows come from commercial activities which are either transfer mispricing or trade misinvoicing by multinational corporations. The secrecy around the contracts awarded to mining companies expose Zambia in such a way that it loses more money in the region just like South Africa, Congo DR and Angola,” he said.

Chikumbu said the danger of losing more money through such flows had persisted in Zambia and the country would continue grappling with challenges of getting meaningful revenue from such operations if nothing was done to abate the situation.

He said if Zambia was able to collect enough resources, the country could have been in a position to finance education, health, infrastructure development and reduce the gap between the rich and the poor by simply giving social protection to the majority of the poor people.

“Discussions of illicit financial flows should not remain a technical issue because they affect the lives of ordinary people, the poor. We should always relate the implications of such illegal acts on the lives of the majority poor. Efforts, however, have been made by Zambia to try and mitigate the problem by implementing Extractive Industry Transparency Initiative. Although it’s yet to be implemented in a robust way, the country has taken a very positive development to move towards transparency and accountability in the mining sector,” Chikumbu said.

He said illicit financial flows were a problem for Zambia and considering the fact that the money that moves out of the country ends up in another jurisdiction, probably in the global north, there was need for cooperation between the government and countries where the money was going.

Chikumbu said the disclosure of beneficial owners who have corporate offshore accounts was critical in abating the problem.


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