Extractive Industries Summer School 2015

1 Sep
The participation of parliament, civil society organisations and the academia in decision making is a fundamental prerequisite for good governance in the natural resources sector. In democratic states where civil society organisations (CSOs) and parliamentarians are allowed to influence decisions, they often lack the capacity to meaningfully engage. The extractive sector is a highly complex and technical sector. The limited extractive industry knowledge of various African actors compromises efforts towards effectively harnessing the natural resource wealth of Africa for positive development outcomes.

In light of this, the African Forum and Network on Debt and Development (AFRODAD) is hosting the inaugural Extractive Industries Summer School in Harare, Zimbabwe. The summer school will run from 6 to 12 September 2015. The one-week training programme will draw participants from parliaments, CSOs, faith based organisations (FBOs) media and academic institutions in Africa among others.

The specific objectives of the training are:

  • To improve  participants’ knowledge of the extractives value chain (development of resources, capturing of value and transforming value into long term development) and related governance issues
  • To share and exchange experiences among participants on effective monitoring of the extractive sector and the various actors concerned
  • To critique and challenge the traditional model of resource based development
  • To establish linkages between civil society organisations, parliamentarians, labour movements and women as well as the youth in mining
  • To ensure that CSOs, parliamentarians, labour movements and women as well as the youth in mining play an influential role in monitoring and influencing the governance process, particularly on natural resource

Renowned experts who include professors, captains of industry, government officials as well as grass root people will present and share experiences on the following thematic areas: Political Economy of Natural Resources, Impacts of Mining, Tax, Royalty and Contract Terms, Legislation and Policy, Revenue Management, Disclosure, Small Scale and Artisanal Mining, Employment Creation and Skills Development, Infrastructure and Local Content development//END

Follow the Summer School on hastag: #ExtractivesSummerSchool2015

Location : Harare, Zimbabwe
Contact : For Media enquires and Interviews contact HARARE: | Munyaradzi T. Nkomo munyaradzi@afrodad.co.zw
31 Atkinson Drive, Hillside
P O Box CY1517, Causeway,
Harare, Zimbabwe
Telephone +263 4 778531/6 or 2912751-4
Telefax +263 4 747878
E-mail: afrodad@afrodad.co.zw OR info@afrodad.co.zw
Website: http://www.afrodad.org

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